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Check what some of my clients and colleagues have said about me and my work

Aleksi Ojansivu

Boreal Foundry, Producer & Co-Founder

"We are grateful for all of Davi's work! We learned a lot about working with a composer and we managed to create a great soundtrack."

Matt Adkins

Elusion Games, Game Designer

"I've shown one of Davi's tracks to 10 people. The team and others who are into this type of game. 100% acceptance. They all loved it as-is. I'm grateful for his excellent music insight, easy-to-work-with attitude, and quick turn around! Here's to many more tracks in the future."

Marvin Apacible

Maccima Games, Game Designer

"I like that he shows concern for the project and takes the time and effort to explain things. The reason one hires a composer is because we trust in their skill and talent and we're very happy with Davi's output so far!"

Michał Maciejczyk

Polished Games, Lead Programmer

"In my honest opinion, Davi is the best! I like the music he is creating so much that it is now on my personal playlist (and I'm not the only one). I'm glad he shared his talent with us. I hope that, as the project keeps going, we can have more of his wonderful, soul touching music." 


YouTuber, Gaming Influencer

"A lot of games, specially from indie developers, tend to have kind of passable music, you know. it's fine but it's not special. But [Davi's] music is just, I don't know, it feels so special to me and it's clearly made with love, it's very atmospheric and I really enjoy listening to it." 

Marina Iskander

ArsLogica LP, Publisher

"Davi's skills are impressive. He was the youngest member on our team but he proved to be a professional. We appreciate his professionalism and serious approach to business, which has a positive effect on the work. We plan to continue to make games so I think we say goodbye to him for not a long time!"

Alexey Naumenko

Black Tower Basement, CEO

“I'm really excited to be working with Davi, since he is instantly picking up the ideas (and this is what I didn't get working with some other composers) and making a professional product. Special thanks for being on the same wavelength.”

Marton Taba

Cute Terror, Game Designer

"It is amazing that in under a few days he manages to get just the right vibe in his tracks. Davi is an amazing musician and it is very easy to work with him."

Farid Naderi

GATE Game Studio, CEO

"I should say truly It's our pleasure to work with Davi, I really like his positive attitude, potential and understanding. This, including the really great works on his website, already proves him as a professional.  I really hope to work with him again in the future"

Vilmantas Juras

Cursed Coins, Game Designer

"I want to thank Davi Vasc for making the game music. He found the Cursed Coins game and offered his skills to make music. We quickly made a deal and he started working. At first I didn't plan to buy music or hire someone to make music, but now I'm very happy with the results."

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