Realms of Magic - In the Realms of Magic - Davi Vasc
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Coromon - Electric Island - Davi Vasc
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Devoid Of Shadows - The Catacombs - Davi Vasc
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Realms of Magic - Solitude in the Wilderness - Davi Vasc
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Coromon - Indoors - Davi Vasc
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Greedventory - Battle Theme - Davi Vasc
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Welcome to VascMusic!


Every story has a tone, and every piece of music can tell a story. Davi Vasc translates your story into music and sound, creating quality audio for your video game project, whether you are an independent creator or representing a company.


Davi is a music composer and sound designer currently located in Brazil. After being introduced to the music business at an early age, he quickly developed his carreer as a music producer, song writer and touring musician. Several years later, Vasc decided to bring together two of his biggest passions, music and games, by becoming a professional video game composer. From then, it was only a matter of time before sound design became an important part of his skill set.


Davi specializes in a vast array of proven musical techniques used in interactive entertainment, making use of a deep knowledge of the world and medium of video games.


From the classical symphonic orchestras to the popular rock music, Vasc is able to express a wide variety of moods while maintaining accessible prices, even for the smaller indie companies.  


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Get music/sound for you project from someone with proven records and years of experience both as a musician and a gamer.



For companies or independent creators.



Making a video game is challenging enough. A mentality of cooperation, proactiveness and productivity is a welcome addition to any team.

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