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Realms of Magic - Venture Forth, into the Realms of Magic - Davi Vasc
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Coromon - Friend or Foe? - Davi Vasc
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Realms of Magic - Autumnal Breeze - Davi Vasc
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Lost Construct - Frank's Theme - Davi Vasc
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Coromon - Lux Solis Campus - Davi Vasc
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Wonder Gates - Evil Awakening - Davi Vasc
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Hi, I'm Davi.

I grew up in a small town in Brazil watching my father play the harmonica around the house. As a child, I started to learn to play mainly the guitar, but also as many other instruments as I could get my hands on.

I spent my teenage years and early adulthood believing that a successful music career was something elusive and indecipherable that could only be reached by an extreme stroke of luck, and that it would be more reasonable to get a "real job" instead. I even went to college for Computer Science.

To the despair of some friends, teachers and relatives, I decided to give music a chance after meeting a dear mentor who encouraged me. I've been a music teacher, a producer, a band musician, but things only really started to go well for me when I united my two biggest passions: music and video games.

I became a music composer for video games in 2014 and I've been doing it full-time since 2017. My music consists of a mix between the traditional orchestral instrumentation and popular modern styles, a blend I acquired during my time as a pop, rock, and heavy metal musician. My education in traditional brazilian music helped shape my proficiency in jazz and world music.


I'm happy to have you here and I hope to inspire you in some way! 

Thank you.




Get music for your project from someone with proven records and years of experience both as a musician and a gamer.



For companies or independent creators.



Making a video game is challenging enough. A mentality of cooperation, proactiveness and productivity is a welcome addition to any team.

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